Photographs by Ara Oshagan
Music by Gor Mkhitarian


Hard Cardboard Cover
8 x 8 inches
166 pages

102 color and black & white photographs + handwritten texts
22 digital songs accessed via mobile app

ISBN: 978-0-692-31522-4

Mirror is an interactive book that bridges the worlds of visual and sound art. A layered photographic narrative by artist Ara Oshagan and soulful folk/rock music by Gor Mkhitarian come together in this volume with a modern-day technological sensibility. Employing the latest interactive augmented reality technology, a free mobile app enables the audience to hear Mkhitarian’s music on their mobile device while viewing Oshagan’s photographs.

The music in Mirror is a selection of songs that Gor Mkhitarian created over a ten-year period. Over the same period, Oshagan photographed Mkhitarian and his band while they rehearsed, recorded and performed this music. Mixing color and black/white photographs, single images, diptychs and triptychs, Oshagan constructs a layered visual narrative not only of Mkhitarian and his band but also the spaces out of which they create music. Technologically coupled to this narrative is Mkhitarian's sound--folk, rock, indy. In this Mirror you can see the images of the spaces of musical creation and hear the music created.

The result is a new work of art: constructed from two distinct artistic media and united via the latest interactive technology. Mirror posits a new sensibility: that technology can expand the narrative horizons of personal artistic interaction.

Published by Oshagan Editions, 2016
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