Ara Oshagan: Disrupted, Borders
January 18 – April 6, 2023

Stockton University Lower Art Gallery
101 Vera King Farris Dr, L-wing
Galloway, New Jersey, 08205

Curated by Ryann Casey

Reception & Community Tour:
Sunday, March 26th @ 3 pm
Artist Talk & Workshop:
Monday, March 27th @ 2 pm

Expanding across transnational geographies and interconnected spaces, “Ara Oshagan: Disrupted, Borders” weaves together several transdisciplinary series of work by Oshagan that address his interest in diasporic identity, afterlives of displacement and colonization, erasure and (un)imagined futures.

Oshagan is interested in diasporic processes and the visible and invisible crossing of physical, cultural, and linguistic borders. The artist’s own history and identity is entangled in his work as he lives and works directly among disrupted and marginalized communities. In Disrupted, Borders, Oshagan shows several series from Armenia/Artsakh and the Armenian diasporic community in Beirut employing photography, collage, film and installation to present a layered and multi-disciplinary vision that intertwines documentary with the imaginary, text with image, fact with speculation, personal history with collective history. Disrupted, Borders entangles past-present-future and considers the afterlives of visible/invisible borders across space and time.

Gallery hours
Mon-Sat 11:30-7:30
Sun 12-4

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